Certification of the BioPanoply system

“The certification of the BioPanoply exterior masonry insulation system is a fact
as of September 8, 2010.” The ETA (European Technical Approval) certification process of
the BioPanoply external thermal insulation system according to the ETAG 004 (European
Technical Approval Guideline) by the independent body of EOTA in Slovenia, ZAG
Ljubljana, has been successfully completed on September 8, 2010! All the relevant ETAG
004 tests, as well as the necessary production process audit (FPC) have been
successfully completed, resulting to the ETA certificate number -10/0301. The system
that includes, apart from MarmoDom products, further materials, has been made in
cooperation with FIBRAN, producer of the certified extruded polystyrene FIBRAN XPS
ETICSGF used in the system and the AMPI company, representative of EJOT in Greece,
manufacturer of certified anchoring connectors especially for thermal insulation boards.
The materials used in the MarmoDom external thermal insulation system meet the high
requirements of the European standard ETAG 004. This standard describes all the
specifications that the External Thermal Insulation systems must have in order to cope
with extreme conditions such as frost, high temperature, elasticity, waterproofing,
vapor permeability, resistance to impacts, UV radiation, etc. The user of the system can
be sure that the individual components can be used with each other without any
compatibility problems, keeping the properties of the whole system stable throughout the
lifetime of the project.