Energy Saving Workshops February – March 2011

The Marmodom company’s workshops on energy saving through the BIOPANOPLY external
thermal insulation system, which took place in February and March 2011, were a great
success. The opening of the workshops took place in the city of Drama, which is also the
company’s headquarters, followed by a total of five corresponding events for all the
prefectures of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The attending engineers, contractors and
traders of the building sector attended with great interest the workshops that included
three thematic sections on the general energy consumption of the building sector in
Greece, the benefits and the implementation of the BIOPANOPLY external thermal
insulation system and its importance in terms of the “Household Savings” program. The
most important point of the events is the benefit/cost ratio achieved by the
implementation of the certified BIOPANOPLY system. As the Marmodom representatives
pointed out, by investing almost the same amount of money required for the substitution
of door and window frames to an external thermal insulation you can save energy and
clearly save money up to 52%, renewing 80% of the exterior of the building (masonry) as
opposed to door and window frames that make up 20% of the surface and manage to save
only 20% of the total energy lost.