Government subsidies for thermal insulation of buildings

Find out about the government’s plans to subsidize the energy upgrading of buildings. “The main objective of the program is to enhance the energy efficiency of homes, through the subsidization of actions that contribute to their energy upgrading. It has a budget of 400 million euros, which covers all 13 regions of the country, will be funded by the NSRF 2007-2013 (through the CIP and EPAN II) and will run for 2 years. Together with the own contribution, 1 billion euros of resources will be mobilized in the construction sector to support sustainable development. The program applies to all residential buildings constructed before 1980, the year when the provisions of the new thermal insulation regulation came into force. For some buildings there will be financial subsidies for actions, while for others there will be tax incentives, depending on the zone price limit.” Read more on the website of the Ministry of Development: http://www.ypan.gr/c_announce/45_5610_cms.htm 19/10/2009 The resources to subsidize the “Household Savings” program have not been secured, said the Deputy Minister of State for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Mr. G. Maniatis, citing a relevant information note of the relevant departments. It is reminded that the budget of the action, announced in the summer, is 400 million euros and the start date of the program was set for November 1st, but based on the latest developments it is being postponed. The program provides subsidies for the replacement of window frames, the installation of insulation to houses, etc. In detail, in the information note released by the Deputy Minister, among other things, the following are mentioned: – “The action’s budget is estimated at 400 million euros (the resources have not been secured) and it was proposed that it is divided among the 13 regions of the country”. -“For the action’s announcement, the following are required: (a) securing the resources to finance the action and, in particular, promoting a political agreement between the Ministry of Economy and the Directorates-General of the Regions for the transfer of resources from other sectors to the energy sector.”. – “The total resources available in the Operational Programs in the NSRF for projects in the energy sector is 823.2 million euros based on the following analysis: 8) 49.71 million euros for energy efficiency and energy saving projects.”. Earlier, the members of the New Democracy party, Mr. K.Chatzidakis and K.Mousouroulis, former minister and secretary general for Development respectively, said that the New Democracy party “had reached a political agreement on the commitment of resources to the Regional Operational Programs” and that “this process is known to everyone, except for the newly elected members of the government”. (SOURCE: http://www.express.gr/news/ellada/222441oz_20091017222441.php3)