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– Economy – Time reduction – Easy application for the crews – Guaranteed solution for the manufacturer

  The MARMODOM company in its 10-year course in the field of ready-mixed mortars has proven once again with the “MARMODOM SYSTEM EasyCover” that it justifiably holds the first place in the field of innovative solutions and quality. In our continuous effort to improve and facilitate the work in construction, offering quality products and guaranteed application systems of European standards, we propose an innovative combination of work for the easy and quick coating of the internal and external walls of your construction, saving money and achieving a result that will impress! Another guaranteed solution from MARMODOM with F.H.L. Group’s signature!


  1. We cover the building’s internal and external masonry with the gunite mortar GM50, creating adhesion for the next layer. Then we allow the mortar to dry thoroughly.

(Approximate consumption 5 kgr./m2)

  1. On top of the gunite mortar GM 50 we apply, internally and externally, either with a trowel or a plastering machine, the economic one-coat plaster GS 100G in grey color. We align the plaster well, following the process known as “levelling”. By achieving an even surface, the coating does not need further sanding. We allow the coating to take it resistances for at least 48 – 72 hours.

(Approximate consumption 15-20 kgr./m2 ) FINAL COATING OF INTERNAL MASONRY

  1. As the final internal layer of the masonry, we apply the elastomeric, spatulated gypsum-based mortar SUPERGLOSS at a thickness of 2mm over the entire surface and we allow it to dry thoroughly, depending on the weather conditions.

(Approximate consumption 1-2 kgr./m2) After the surface is thoroughly dry, a short and light sanding of the surface is required at a later stage, using 100-150mm sandpaper either with a sanding brush or by hand. The result is a perfect, completely smooth, ready-to-paint surface that will impress!   FINAL COATING OF EXTERIOR MASONRY 4) We apply the acrylic primer BIO PRIMER over the first two coats of GM 50 and GS 100G on the entire exterior surface of the building and allow it to dry thoroughly. The BIO PRIMER primer is available in 8 selected colors, which cover the 8 basic color groups of BIOPLASTER. (Approximate consumption 50 gr/m2) 5) As the last external layer of the masonry, we apply the BIOPLASTER, our colored elastomeric and penetrating acrylic plaster in paste form, ready to use, unique in its resistance to cooling and heating, with a wide range of colors (also available in white). It is produced in four selected granulometries (0.8mm/1.5mm/2.5mm/3.5mm) achieving, in combination with the colors, a characteristic visual and palpable effect. It is 100% waterproof, while allowing the wall to breathe. Ii is ideal for buildings exposed to severe weather conditions, such as large fluctuations in temperature, humidity, salt, etc. It delivers a surface that is painted and inexhaustible in time, without a fear of cracking. (Approximate consumption 1- 4 kgr./m2 depending on the granulometry) (Try the organic plaster BIO PLASTER also with the thermal insulation system MARMODOM “BIO PANOPLY”)   ADVANTAGES:

  1. Economy

All the materials applied are highly economical and are applied in thin layers. The SUPERGLOSS gypsum plaster delivers a perfect interior surface, with only a thin final layer of material. Achieving an even surface with the first 2 masonry preparation materials, there is no need, compared to the traditional way of application, to consume only one material in a very thick layer. By covering the exterior surface with the BIOPLASTER acrylic plaster, we save painting and clearly the costs for paints. The outer surface is finished by one crew, one scaffolding and one insurance payment stamp.

  1. Time saving

– The contractor applies the GM 50 and GS 100G materials on all walls of the building internally and externally with a single crew and following the same process. The crew spreads and levels the GS 100G well without sanding, which gives them the ability to work as many hours of the 8-hour workday as they want, at any time of the year as needed, and as a result they can spread more than twice as much area as the old method with sanding. -The time saved by applying the last internal layer with SUPERGLOSS (see 3)) is significant compared to the previously known way of covering with plaster, which is proposed by major companies in the field. By applying only a thin layer of SUPERGLOSS, which is left to dry thoroughly and then we come back in a second phase with the final sanding, we avoid the time-consuming and continuous “cutting” of the plaster resulting from the very thick layer. Also, the “wetting with clean water” and the time-consuming gradual sanding trying to achieve a smooth surface is no longer required, which in the vast majority does not achieve the desired result and forces the painter to perfect it. -For the exterior coating only a minimum drying time is required after the application of BIOPLASTER, depending on the weather conditions, in order to be able to apply the final finish that will give it its characteristic appearance. The crew applies at least 30%-40% more plaster compared to the time needed with the old method. No painting time required

  1. Easy application for the crews

-The convenience that results for the crews that use the “MARMODOM SYSTEM EasyCover” is obvious, by quickly and easily applying the three coats of material, giving them time, during the drying process, for other tasks. -By using the SUPERGLOSS gypsum plaster, the crews are freed from the constant pressure of time by using the up until now known method (cutting, wetting with clean water, sanding) of a layer of plaster, where they have to wait during the drying process in order to perfect the surface by sanding it on the spot. -The ready-to-use BIOPLASTER plaster mixture in paste form is worked immediately after mixing in a very easy way, leaving a surface of perfect aesthetics that will impress everyone with its quality and easy application and will act as an advertisement for the crew in question.

  1. Guaranteed solution for the builder
  2. .

-The contractor delivers his work quickly, with high quality materials, at a lower cost, becoming the most competitive in the market. The homeowner finishes his house economically, in a short time, ready painted, with the guaranteed quality of MARMODOM!   See for yourselves the benefits you get with the “SYSTEM MARMODOMEasyCover” by inviting us to your contract work for a hands-on implementation SEMINAR with your crew. Find out more by calling 25220/21100. Materials of the SYSTEM “MARMODOMEasy Cover” INTERNALLY : GM 50, GS 100G, SUPERGLOSS EXTERNALLY: GM 50, GS 100G, BIO PRIMER, BIOPLASTER