Practical Seminar on the Rational Application of the BIOPANOPLY Certified External Thermal Insulation System

On 24.03.2011, the first for this year practical seminar on the rational application of the certified external thermal insulation system BIOPANOPLY was held at the premises of MARMODOM in Prosotsani, Drama, with great success. The seminar was organized with the friendly support of the extruded polystyrene production company FIBRAN. The great response and attendance of the invited crews confirmed the market’s immediate need for new energy planning in the building sector, in order to save energy, money and carbon dioxide emissions. The 4-hour seminar included a theoretical session where the MARMODOM and FIBRAN companies analyzed the technical characteristics of the materials involved in the system, as well as the key importance of the certified system as opposed to the simply certified materials. In the practical part, which was held on sample masonries in the courtyard of the factory, with the help of 2 experienced crews from Drama and Alexandroupoli, the installers were given the opportunity to see the correct way of implementing each stage of the thermal insulation and to get answers for their practical questions. An important point for the successful completion of the thermal insulation system, MARMODOM emphasized, is the correct application of the final coating BIOPLASTER, the acrylic plaster in paste form, which delivers a colored and waterproof surface. As an capstone of the system, it is extremely important to apply it in the right way in order to have the desired aesthetic result that will also function as an advertisement for the crew in question. Any of the participants who wanted to, could apply the materials on the spot to see how they behave. At the end of the seminar, certificates of attendance were given to all participants. All those present had the opportunity to exchange impressions at the unconventional lunch that followed!