MARMOSEAL PU PRIMER is a transparent, semi rigid, deep penetrating, one component polyurethane primer..

It is mainly used as a primer for polyurethane waterproofing coatings (like MARMOSEAL PU) and polyurethane joint sealants, on absorbent surfaces like concrete, cement screeds, mortars, wood etc. It can also be used as a surface stabilizer of old and brittle substrates and as a chemical resistant protection film against oils, grease, moisture, chemicals and other liquid dirt staining..

It cures by reaction with air and ground moisture.

Homogeneous, ready-to-use, industrial product of constantly high quality. Ensures good workability, increased application speed; it is economical and achieves high standards.

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  • The substrate must be clean, stable free of any kind of dirt and contamination (dust, paint, oil etc.). Old, loose coatings, dirt, fat, oils, organic substances and dust must be removed by a grinding machine. Possible surface irregularities must be filled and smoothened. Any loose surface pieces and grinding dust must be thoroughly removed. Attention: do not wash the surface with water before the application.
  • Fresh concrete should dry for at least 28 days before the application takes place
  • Maximum moisture content of the substrate should not exceed 5%..
  • MARMOSEAL PU PRIMER is stirred before using. Then it is applied by roller or brush until the surface if fully covered. In case of large surfaces an Airless Spray can be used..
  • After 2-3 hours (but before 4 hours) and while the primer is still a bit tacky, the application of the polyurethane membrane (MARMOSEAL PU) or the polyurethane joint sealant should take place.
  • The application temperature should be between +5οC and +35οC.


Approximately 200gr/m2 for one layer..



  • In metal pails of 17kg, 5kg and 1kg, in
  • In a dry, frost free place, 9 months from the production date, in unopened metal pails.



Composition Polyurethane resin
Resistance to water pressure No leak DIN 1048-DIN 1928 A
Adhesion to concrete 400 kg/cm2 Inhouse lab
Adhesion to concrete 2 N/mm2 (failure concrete) ASTM D 903
Hardness (Shore A scale) >95 ASTM D 2240
High temperature resistance 90oC Inhouse lab
Low temperature resistance – 40oC Inhouse lab
Application temperature 5oC to 35oC Conditions

20οC, 50% RH

Tack free time 1-3 hours
Final curing time 48 hours



Potassium hydroxide 20% + Sodium hydroxide 20% +
Ammonia 10% + Sulfuric acid 10% +
Hydrochloric acid 10% + Sea water +
Benzene + Toluene ±
Domestic detergents + Dichloromethane
Diesel oil + N-methyl pyrrolidon (brake fluid)
{+ Stable, – Not stable, ± Stable for a short period}


  • Both the applications of MARMOSEAL PU PRIMER and MARMOSEAL PU should take place at the same day, in order for the maximum adhesion between them, to be achieved.
  • In case the substrate is very brittle or highly absorbent (for example lightweight concrete), a second layer of MARMOSEAL PU PRIMER is recommended
  • For optimum quality results the temperature should be between +5οC and +35οC. Low temperatures decelerate maturing, while high ones accelerate it. High humidity may affect the final finish.
  • After a metal pail, containing MARMOSEAL PU, is opened it must be used until it is fully empty. Any remnant quantity in the pail will be hardened by time, so a future use is impossible.

Although specifications and instructions outlined in this report were prepared to the best of our ability, knowledge and experience, they must be taken as indicative results and require verification after numerous applications. Intended users of this product must verify its suitability for the planned application. End user is responsible for all results from the product’s use.


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